The Britican Tea Company

The Britican™ brand selection is sensually decadent to the taste, aesthetically intriguing while offering profound health benefits. The Britican™ Company establishes itself as the prerequisite product line for wellness in everyday life, while promoting pleasures of gentrified etiquette and the verve of becoming a tea aficionado.”

The Britican Brigade

“Make a customer, not a sale.” ~ Katherine Barchetti. Without customers, we wouldn’t exist. It’s vitally important to us to hear feedback about our products and branding from our friends and fans. The Britican™ Brigade is a discussion forum for you to tell us what we’re doing right and what needs tweaking.

Britican Consultancy

We know a lot, but we don’t claim to know it all. Please liaise with us if you have a franchising suggestion or product expansion opportunity that would complement our branding sophistication. We’re not about world domination, merely trying to spread good taste in all things.

Our Personage

The Britican™ Tea Company was created by US-based entrepreneur Karli McQueen, a British-born naturalized American, to evoke exotic remembrances of her worldly travels and reflect her esteemed background in the business world.

This collection of expertly blended teas truly awakens fond memories and enlivens daily living with health and a touch of elegance. From childhood days spent in the wonderment of Royal Buckinghamshire, to the sophistication of taking high tea, each blend inspires a nostalgic emotional connection to bygone days of yesteryear, while providing proven benefits universally acknowledged by present-day health experts.

McQueen began her career in Buckinghamshire, England, where she
honed her entrepreneurial spirit, built her business background, developed an eye for detail and cultivated her palate. In late 2005 she established her presence in the United States and currently resides in the rustic splendor of Denver, Colorado where she continues to develop her line of increasingly popular teas.

“I wanted to create a product line that is not only sensually decadent to the taste, but aesthetically intriguing as well as offering profound health benefits. With this goal at heart, The Britican™ brand establishes itself as a prerequisite for good health and wellness in everyday life, while promoting the pleasures of gentrified etiquette and the verve of becoming a tea aficionado.”

Vitalize Your Day, The Britican™ Way


Mark Ibsen, MD, FACEP, FAAFP is The Britican™ Company’s esteemed Medical Advisor. 

A Doctor of Medicine since 1980, Doctor Ibsen’s Hippocratic Oath and anatomical savoir-faire have been practiced in MA, CA, UT, WY & MT as a Hospital Emergency (and Helicopter Response) Physician and also in Family Practice and Urgent Care. His selfless Public Service has led him to see action in the West Indies and extensively on the Asian subcontinent in India, (Calcutta’s sprawling poverty, among other places) where he witnessed how important tea is to the community’s way of life, not only as a means of hydration, but for its medicinal and psychotropic qualities in maintaining homeostasis. Of course, the spiritual and community building benefits of High Tea and the Zen tea ceremony are well known. 
If we make a claim of health benefits concerning our teas, rest assured it has been thoroughly researched and validated before it is even presented to Dr. Ibsen for consideration. 

Mark S Ibsen MD
Urgent Care Plus 
39 Neill Ave
Helena Mt 59601


Russell A. Cargo, Ph.D.

Russ Cargo is President and CEO of Helena Industries, a nonprofit corporation serving the needs of over 900 persons with disabilities through case management, job training, job placement, and employment through a variety of manufacturing and disability support programs.  He served as President of the San Antonio Art Institute, the Administrator of a major health policy initiative, Colorado Speaks Out On Health, and as a US Army officer directed welfare and recreation programs for two NATO Headquarters in Izmir, Turkey.  

Throughout his academic career he worked to develop Nonprofit Management and Philanthropic Studies as an academic discipline.  He directed the Nonprofit and Civil Society Program at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech).  Prior to that he created the Nonprofit Enterprise Institute at Virginia Commonwealth University and he founded the Nonprofit Management Program at George Mason University in 1994. He has worked with hundreds of organizations in ten countries and throughout the United States. He earned a Master of Science in Business Administration from Boston University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado in Public Administration with a concentration in nonprofit management.  

Dr. Cargo lives in Helena, Montana, where he serves on the Board of Governors of the Original Montana Club, and is Chair of the board of the Montana Nonprofit Association, the state-wide umbrella organization supporting over 650 nonprofits in Montana.